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Online Sex Coaching

Personalised - Educational - Experiential - Transformative

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How can Sex Coaching Online help you?

Let's work together from the comfort and privacy of your home, or on the move, and help you re-connect to yourself and your partner. Through talking, guided embodiment tools and practices, breath, sound, movement and meditations you can do alone or with a partner, I support you to learn and feel what you need and desire to have a more satisfying sex life. I offer optional home practise, guided audios, and recommended resources for you to explore between sessions, to support your integration.

I can support women and couples who are feeling: 

  • disconnected from themselves, their pleasure and their partner. 

  • dissatisfied with their sex life.

  • confusion around changing body image.

  • shame around their STI status.

  • stuck in masturbation habits.

  • they can't orgasm.

  • unable to communicate their desires or boundaries with others.

  • a desire to explore with more confidence.

  • inexperienced with sex or relationships.

  • unsure about their sexual desires.

You are always in choice as to how much you engage with the session, after we have met each other, you can be on camera, or not, as much as feels comfortable to you.

Woman being comforted by someone. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach in Portland.

What is Embodied Sex, Intimacy & Breathwork Coaching?

I weave Embodied Sex Coaching, Sexological Bodywork and Breathwork to guide you in a personalised body-based sex education you never had. Explore your needs and desires, release your beliefs and experiences, create new pleasure pathways and discover a deeper connection to yourself and others. We can cover physiology, anatomy, breathwork, foundations of touch, somatic learning, body and genital mapping, consent and boundaries, destigmatising STIs, ageing and body image, active receiving, genital dearmouring, scar tissue remediation, and masturbation coaching.


Empower yourself to live a more authentic, connected and pleasure filled life.

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A couple laughing and cuddling on a sofa. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach in Portland

Why Work Online?

Something wonderful that the pandemic provided, is a way to access this work online.  I use the Wheel of Consent as the foundation for supporting individuals and couples to deepen their intimacy with themselves and each other. From the comfort of your own home, or whilst on the move, access coaching to guide you home to your true self. 

Book your Disconnected to Deeply Loving Strategy Call

During this 45 minute call you will have the opportunity to feel heard,
receive strategies to support you on your journey 
and an optional follow up email summarising my suggestions. 
This is an opportunity to share your truth, practice receiving,
and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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