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What people have said
about working with me

"Emerald’s Mom Breathwork Circle opened up a space where I could set aside space for myself to learn and heal in spaces I didn’t realize existed and needed healed. It was beautiful to share space with others in their journeys. I walked away feeling like a piece of my heart was healed and at peace. I have carried that peace with me through my life this week and I hope to continue to take what I learned from this class and continue to use it when I need my cup refilled. Thank you Emerald." 

Jenny, Portland, OR

"Emerald you created a very warm and safe environment for me to open my heart and share with the group today. Thank you for making me feel safe and supported while you held space for me while on my journey with my breath.  Throughout the day I have felt more emotionally present with my loved ones and more in tune to my breath and my body." 

Shannon, Portland, OR

“I admire Emerald's clarity and loving guidance. She is very considerate about the individual and very prompt in what she conveys. She holds a safe space for you to drop in and go through your experience freely while feeling guided throughout the session. I'd wholeheartedly recommend working with Emerald.”

Petra, Hungary

“A beautifully held journey supported by Emerald's caring guidance and excellent choice of music”


“This was the best-organized session of the retreat by far, and Emerald was always sure to keep her language inclusive for all body types and participant choices.”



Breasts, Chests and Nipples, oh my! Workshop.

Virtual Intimacy Retreat IV.

“Beautifully held evening, very professional,

good pacing and very useful practical framework

for disclosure conversations.

I feel suitably empowered.”


Anonymous, The Empowered Talk Series;

Destigmatising Herpes. London. 

“Emerald is helping me to understand sex, my desire for sex and she is enabling me to normalise it. This is such a relief, having been conditioned that sex is something you don’t talk about. Through my work with Emerald, I am now more relaxed and stronger in myself and this is showing in a positive way in all my relationships.”

Adrian, London

“Emerald was absolutely amazing in creating container of safety, understanding and empathy, where the most vulnerable parts of me felt seen and heard. After our short session I felt very much grounded and empowered, ready to communicate the intimacy problem in a clear and calm manner.”

Anna, Nanny, London

“Emerald creates a relaxing space for people to experience breath work in a safe and engaging way.  Everything from the soothing sound of her voice to her gently guiding me through the entire process made it easy for me to be able to shift some of my internal struggles.”

Nicole, Psychic Medium, Austin TX. 

Rooted Pleasure Logo Sex Coaching

“Emerald has helped me to develop my role in my partnership. As a switch I have a strong submissive side but can also feel my dominant streak, which is pushing to come out and still is finding its ways. Emerald listened to my needs and together we agreed on how many sessions we would work together. She has given me many extremely helpful tools, exercises and meditations, which allow me to further explore my two sides - in my partnership as well as  in all other parts in life. Thank you, Emerald, for your energy, support and great ideas. Without your help I would not have found these next steps in this amazing playful and creative way! I highly recommend working with Emerald.”

Sonja, UK

"Emerald has a very natural loving presence and healing energy as she guides, so you just feel at ease and able to let go. I felt so supported in her breathwork session and could really sense how intuitively she was present with us in our process, responding sensitively to exactly what we needed, while also allowing our own journey. She really took the time to answer all our questions beforehand so I felt really prepared and able to use the breath tools in a lot of different ways to move energy during my process. I felt the space held and really was able to go deep and have a powerful release, healing,

and integration within my own energy, emerging more relaxed and clear.

So grateful for the experience that she cultivated for us!" 

Lauren, Los Angeles

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