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I'm a sex coach for individuals and couples in Portland Oregon and online.

I am Emerald (she/her), an international certified breathwork & intimacy coach, and sexological bodyworker, driven by a deep commitment to empowerment, self-discovery, and transformation. My journey is a testament to the power of embracing vulnerability, accepting oneself, and finding the courage to live authentically.


On this page you will discover more about my mission, vision, values, story and education.

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Woman playing cello in the forest. Looking and laughing at the camera. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.
Woman laying in a stream. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.

My Mission.

My mission is to guide individuals and parents to live a more authentic, connected and pleasure filled life.


Through embodiment practices, coaching,

hands-on bodywork, and breathwork. 

My Vision.

Rooted Pleasure's Vision is to empower global villages of self-aware adults to support themselves, and raise the next generation to live in embodied, authentic truth.


Where pleasure is celebrated, with compassion, with responsibility for themselves, and in connection with others and the earth.

Woman sensually  exploring a fern. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.
Woman meditating in the forest. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.

My Values.

Some core values of my work include;

  1. Self-compassion - honor your journey and meet yourself where you are at.

  2. Self-acceptance - love yourself more, expand safely in a titrated way.

  3. Self-responsibility - learn embodied consent and empower yourself to make changes.

  4. Embodied Consent & Boundaries first..

  5. Professionalism & Educational.

  6. Client led.

  7. Non-judgmental.

  8. Growth oriented.

  9. Pleasure centric.

About you.

You are a woman, femme or a couple of any gender and sexual expression who has lost connection to yourself, your sexuality and your partner.


I occasionally work with cis-het men who have done some personal development work. EDIT May 16, 2024. My books are currently full for men. Please email me if you would like to join the wait list.

Woman standing barefoot on roots in a forest. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.

Why I became a sex coach

As a mother to two teenagers,

I understand the intricate dynamics of parenthood and the ever-evolving journey of raising children and the impact on your body, your sexuality, sensuality and intimate relationships.

I specialize in guiding mostly women and couples to live a more authentic, connected, and pleasure filled lives through Embodied Sex, Intimacy, Breathwork coaching and Sexological Bodywork.

These practices are grounded in my diverse background, encompassing developmental psychology and early years education, and guided by a client-centered, trauma-informed approach.

My journey is a continuous evolution, encompassing healing sexual shame and stigma, embracing motherhood, nurturing relationships, co-creating community, and dismantling patriarchal conditioning. I have a deep commitment to the pillars of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility, and these principles infuse my work.


I identify as a woman, queer, kinky, ethically non-monogamous,

white, able-bodied, with hidden disabilities.

Woman smiling, touching and looking at a tree trunk.

My Journey

Becoming a parent

I first became a parent in 2007 and like many, found myself in the unknown-disconnected from my identity outside of being a parent. After a challenging divorce, finding myself a single mother with two young children, I embarked on my path of self-discovery to re-connect to the lost and forgotten parts of me.


Sexological Bodywork & Conscious Connected Breathwork

Throughout my journey of exploring different healing modalities, immersing myself in sex-positive, neo-tantric, conscious sexuality and conscious kink communities in London, whilst raising my children, I realised my mission to support others to do the same. So I trained in Sexological Bodywork and Conscious Connected Breathwork, to bring these healing opportunities to mothers and parents. 

It takes a village

Co-creating community is my heart song and I co-founded Vermilion, a sex-positive wellbeing community in London, UK and was production lead for many online tantra and conscious relating festivals during the pandemic years. These experiences shaped how I craft group spaces, helped illuminate my shadows and guided me to move into more integrity with how I work.

I blend lived experience and training

With my personal experience of being a single parent, and now co-parent, navigating and thriving with Herpes Simplex Virus and Lichen Simplex Chronicus, mental health challenges, and what I now call a 'seasonal libido'. Alongside being a recovering perfectionist and person socialised as a woman trying to break out of internal and relational patriarchal conditioning, I have an embodied understanding of re-learning my pleasure in order to stay true to myself, connect with others deeper, with more presence and self-acceptance.


I bring this lived experience alongside my education, to walk alongside you on your journey to your wholeness.

My journey

"We're all just walking each other home"

Ram Dass

More about me


Beyond my professional pursuits, you can find me hiking the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, wild swimming, watching movies with my kids, painting & crafting, immersing myself in reading and learning, meditating, playing my cello, dancing to the rhythm of life, and indulging in self-care with sauna, cold plunges, yoga, and bodywork.

How this impacts my work

I marry my personal, practical and professional experiences as a way to allow us to take any path in this process, as guided by you and your body. I value and revere the courage it takes to ask for support, honouring your desire to thrive and the journey of re-learning to communicate with and through your body!

Rooted-Pleasure-in the Forest
Roots in a forest. Rooted Pleasure Sex Coach.
"I’m really glad that we worked with you and it’s very rare that I get back in touch with a coach years after we worked with them but just wanted to remind you how important and life changing the work you do is. The world needs a lot of healing and you are more than doing yours by untangling assumptions and prejudices from individuals, couples and groups and allow them to fully flourish."

Couple, UK

My Education

My Education and Trainings

*Although I do not affiliate myself with ISTA anymore due to unethical leadership, and harm caused and my personal experience of working alongside and for teachers who were also facilitators for ISTA. I also want to recognise the transformative  journey I took with the organism and remain transparent about my experiences. If you have questions about any of my trainings, please email me


Current Training

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